Why Don’t More Black Men Travel?

Since I’ve been in the travel industry, my customers have been predominantly women.  And the age old question on each trip, is “Why don’t more black men travel?”.  From past experience, it seems as if the majority of black men only travel international if they enlist in the military.  This is just my observation, but a lot of black men don’t think about travel the way a black woman does.  A lot of times the definition of “travel” is interpreted differently between the two genders.  Many of my male counterparts are quick to clap back and say they do travel. And in essence, they are telling the truth. However, traveling to them is on a smaller scale; domestic locations like Miami, Las Vegas and Los Angeles is what they are referring too.  Yes, this is traveling, but most black women, wonder why their black male counterparts don’t travel internationally.  Quite often, black women are the ones that are representing the culture overseas.  But why is that? Is it fear of the unknown?

Bruh, what are you waiting on, seriously? Just go. Stop waiting on other people to validate your reason for traveling. Experience it for yourself. A solo trip is always a nice option if you oppose groups.

According to an article by CNN (August 4, 2019), the assumption that most people have about black people is that we don’t travel.  “Travel publications often paint a picture of a stereotyped Western tourist usually gazing at the horizon from the edge an infinity pool” (CNN, 2019).  Black and brown faces are usually not represented in travel advertisements.  When you are constantly seeing people who don’t look like you representing these travel experiences, you may start to feel like these experiences aren’t made for you.  But this is so far from the truth, and it’s time we change the stereotype.  There are many travel groups out there that are now geared towards black men and women; Art N Soul Escapes being one of them. The challenge is getting male travelers to take that first trip.  Don’t get me wrong there are a few men that we do see traveling abroad (and they look good while doing it).  However, from what I have gathered, the majority of them just don’t like traveling in groups.  And that’s ok.

So, Black Kings, help us out here. What is the real reason of the low numbers of black males traveling abroad?One thing Art N Soul Escapes has tried to do is to make travel affordable, so that more black men and women will have an opportunity to see the world.  Interestingly enough, I’ve actually had a black male friend of mine tell me that he has simply never had an interest to travel. For someone that tries to leave every chance I get, I found this quite shocking. However, this could be a real thing for some.  We hope that this is not the thinking of most. And we hope that more of our black men will travel (even if not in a group). For those of you that are on the fence, give it a try. Do it for all those that aren’t able to. We need more representation from our beautiful black Kings.  You might just inspire another brotha to pack their bags and grab that passport.

“Life is all there is. And if that’s true, then we have to really live it — we have to take it for everything it has and “die enormous” instead of “living dormant.” – Jay Z


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